POSITION: Quality Assurance Developer


Job Description:

IXIS is seeking candidates with the skills and talent to provide immediate value and who are driven to continually advance their knowledge. We aim to help our employees cultivate both general competence as well as subject matter expertise, so that our team's capabilities are both broad and deep. Currently, we are looking to add talented QA Developers with experience in automated testing. This role is cross-functional in nature, working especially closely with the Development team. This position is full-time and on-site at our Burlington, Vermont office.


  • Build confidence in production code and systems through testing
  • Detect unanticipated behavior in production code and systems
  • Lower the risk of modifying production code and systems


  • Create detailed test plans describing goals and outlining test cases
  • Review technical specifications and design documents, and advocate for high-quality, high-reliability solutions
  • Write unit/integration/end-to-end/acceptance tests for existing systems and codebases
  • Write tests for new codebases (Test-Driven Development)
  • Write failing tests based on reported bug behavior to validate potential fixes
  • Collaborate with Developers to fix bugs
  • Develop solutions to facilitate efficient manual/assisted testing of systems and codebases by QA Analysts
  • Collaborate with QA Analysts to derive automated testing from manual/assisted testing efforts
  • Develop integrations with data sources needed pursuant to QA efforts

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • BA/BS in Software Engineering, Computer Science, a related field, or related industry experience
  • 2+ years of experience with web technologies
  • Experience with 3+ of the following languages/technologies: Javascript, DOM, Puppeteer, Python, Selenium, Excel / Google Sheets / similar, Bash

About This Company:

Founded in 2012, IXIS is rooted in innovative processes for data-driven digital experience and strategic online planning. Our mission is to integrate and synchronize traditional and digital marketing initiatives to recalibrate and connect brands across converging media. We offer competitive compensation packages, flexible work schedule, and exceptional growth opportunities.

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