Job Description:

IXIS is seeking an energetic HCI expert well versed in advanced data analyses and user experience precepts to fill the position of UX Researcher for the company. This role requires proficiency in both quantitative and qualitative data processes, with the overarching goal of identifying data synergies to derive and measure compelling digital strategies designed to move brands forward in the digital space.

This role is responsible for overseeing the execution and ongoing health of all research initiatives, including eye-tracking, usability testing, and persona creation. This role requires exceptional attention to detail to guide digital strategies from derivation through to implementation. The UX Researcher will be required to traverse quantitative and qualitative data sets and effectively communicate research findings to guide decision-making for clients.


  • Run ethnographic research initiatives to glean UX insights and derive personas
  • dentify tracking opportunities for additional insight into specific user segments, behaviors, and multi-channel attribution
  • Devise and build user journeys and compelling data narratives in deck format
  • Utilize metrics associated with visitor segmentation, navigational analysis and engagement to build cohesive data narratives that provide insight into the end-to-end digital experience
  • Anticipate and seek correlations among variables such as traffic sources, navigational patterns, content engagement to be leveraged for more customized digital experiences
  • Provide performance metrics and data-based recommendations for strategies
  • Work with key stakeholders to develop keen understanding of overarching business objectives and evaluate digital performance of clients across multiple brand touch points
  • Provide data-driven diagnoses, exposing opportunities for sustainable optimization and quantify revenue gains based on importance and viability of persona-based initiatives

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • A solid understanding of quantitative and qualitative data gathering, analysis, specification, verification, and management practices
  • Proficiency with multiple analytics tools, including but not limited to Google Analytics
  • Solid understanding of usability tenets and interaction design principles
  • Core critical thinking skills
  • Advanced Excel + SPSS skills, eye-tracking a plus
  • Has deep understanding and knowledge of eye tracking research and analysis
  • Has knowledge and experience in the techniques of analysis and optimization of business processes
  • Fluent in assessment methods and analysis of real UX, knows usability and accessibility best practices
  • Ready to characterize each stage of the creation and development of Internet & Mobile projects
  • Is able to concisely and convincingly defend the business idea to the company‚Äôs management
  • Actively applies knowledge of project management methodologies in their work

Education and Work Experience:

  • PhD in Human Computer Interaction or Cognitive Psychology
  • 5+ years supporting/devising complex interaction/experience design and digital strategies
  • Experience multitasking and prioritizing data initiatives with minimal guidance and instruction at times
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to adapt well in a fast-paced environment

About This Company:

Founded in 2012, IXIS is rooted in innovative processes for data-driven digital experience and strategic online planning. Our mission is to integrate and synchronize traditional and digital marketing initiatives to recalibrate and connect brands across converging media. We offer competitive compensation packages, flexible work schedule, and exceptional growth opportunities.

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